This contract is applicable within the framework of articles 1709 onwards of the civil code, as well article L.324-2 of the tourism code. This is presented under the statute of Touristic Residences, of which 7 Urban Suites is a member. As such, the legal restrictions relating to residential leases are not applicable, particularly with regard to maintenance of the residences. The client should therefore possess a fiscal dwelling (whose location is completely different to that of 7 Urban Suites), and thereby understand that any use of the establishment as a registered address, whether private or professional, is strictly prohibited.


a – Registration and reservation

All reservation confirmation must be guaranteed by a valid bank card. According to the tariff and/or the service selected by the client, the following specific conditions will apply:

Flexible tariff with hotel service: can be modified and cancelled up to 6pm on the day of arrival: guaranteed by a valid credit card at the time of registration, payment for the duration of the stay due upon the client’s arrival.
Tariff with hotel service: cannot be modified or cancelled: pre-payment of the total amount due by valid credit card at the point of registration online, without this pre-payment, the reservation will be considered void.
Tariff with residential service: all registrations must be accompanied by payment of a deposit of at least 30% of the total sum of the reservation, payment of the balance to be paid to the establishment upon the client’s arrival.
Group reservations are subject to the specific “General terms of group sales” conditions. Group reservations are considered to be those bookings concerning more than 8 units (rooms), made by one single organisation or client.

b – Stay cancellations

In the case of a stay being cancelled, and according to the tariff chosen by the client, the following indemnities will be payable:
- Flexible tariff with hotel service: cancellation free of charge up to 6pm on the day of arrival. In the case of a no-show, 1 night’s fee will be charged.
- Tariff with hotel service (no modification/cancellation): 100% of the balance will be charged in the case of a cancellation or no-show.
- Tariff with residential service: Up until D-15 (period between date of cancellation and date of arrival (D=day)), no cancellation charges. After this time, an amount equivalent to 30% of the total balance of the stay will be charged. Regardless of the length of the stay, these penalties cannot exceed more than the equivalent of one month’s stay.


Accounts must be settled in full immediately upon arrival. All booked stays are subject to the regulations of payment in advance – Failing this, Article 8 of these general conditions will be legally enforced.

For all stays, the client must be able to carry out the following:
1 – Complete the arrival form and debit authorization for their bank card.
2 – Hand in a copy of a valid form of I.D and bank details.
3 – Regarding the guarantee of the rented premises, carry out a bank pre-authorisation (with a bank card) for all stays of less than a month, and complete a payment for all stays of a month or more.
4 – Settle the remaining balance upon arrival – if this has not already been done (Article 2a)
5 – Familiarize themselves with the condition of the residence / Ref.Art.
6 – “Upkeep of the provided accommodation” and in-house regulations.

Liability – Late payments – If the occupant’s finances are managed by a third party, the client remains personally responsible for the payment of the balance. Should the aforementioned third party become insolvent/bankrupt, the client in the accommodation (if he himself cannot provide the amount due) will be required to leave the premises (Article 8). The payment of all extra allowances will be applied to the corresponding invoice. The accepted credit cap for these allowances is set at 150 € TTC – Any case of payment not being received by its due date will lead to the client incurring an (additional) monthly interest of 1.5%, payable to the establishment.

Methods and terms of payment Bank cards (Visa – Eurocard/Mastercard), Cash (in the form of of cash transfer for securing accommodation, refunds will be carried out by cheque or transfer – in this last case any transfer charges will be payable by the client), Bank transfers (providing that the balance has been received by the establishment before key exchange), Cheques are not accepted.


Clients may arrive anytime from 4pm onwards, and must vacate rooms before 10am.

Article 5 – PRICES

The public prices are stated in local currency, inclusive of all VAT and are displayed on-site.
Any extra optional services are not included in the list prices


An inventory and assessment of the accommodation is provided for each unit – the client takes responsibility for reading these and identifying any anomalies, missing items or damages within the first 24 hours after arrival. Upon departure, an assessment of the accommodation may be carried out by a representative of the establishment. Any damage and/or missing items not featuring on the original inventory, whether it be intentional damages or maintenance problems, will be invoiced to the client. The accommodation units are presented to the client in a state of perfect maintenance, and the client should treat them “prudently”. The establishment reserves the right to enter any accommodation without prior permission for reasons relating to maintenance, control or security.

Article 7 – LENGTH OF STAY (Early departure – Request for renewal)

Request for renewal: the length of a stay can be extended, subject to availability and at the discretion of the establishment. Accommodation may be in a different room and at a different tariff. In the case of an accepted request for extension of stay at a new price, this price will be applicable after signing a new contract corresponding to the new, agreed period of residence.
Early departure: all early departure will be considered as a cancellation. Please refer to Article 2b for further details on penalty charges.


The contract will be legally terminated, without formality or delay, at the end of the date stated in the contract, and/or in the case that the client fails to abide by one or more of his obligations, or in the case of behavior breaking the in-house regulations and/or behavior disturbing other clients/occupants. In such cases, the client will leave the establishment immediately or, if needed, will otherwise be ejected against his will.


This contract is subject to the tourist residences statute: the clauses of article 1952 and onwards of the civil code, relevant to hoteliers, are not applicable. The establishment’s management cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to property or personal belongings experienced by clients within the accommodation (including hard suitcases) – this also extends to any loss/damage incurred in public areas, car parks and any other areas or annexes of the establishment. However, taking certain precautions can help you to avoid any unpleasantness, namely that any windows and french-windows are correctly closed when you are not in your accommodation.


A set of internal regulations is displayed in all accommodation and applies to every unit. Please read through this and respect its contents.



In the case of a dispute, all parties recognize that the establishment has complete jurisdiction over allocation of accommodation.